STUDIO 33 is a service provider for computer integration support, system development, and website creation in Bangkok, Thailand


STUDIO 33 provides Japanese top-level services while the charge is based on cost in Thailand.

Our consultation service is available in Japan, Thailand, and throughout Southeast Asia.

STUDIO 33 conducts website design and development services as well as various types of computer support in Southeast Asian countries including Thailand (Bangkok), Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.. Besides computer leasing for business which starts at 1,300 Baht, STUDIO 33 also actively provides comprehensive supports including internet consulting for website as well as system development, operation, and maintenance.

Helping you building internal network and develop your own system to meet your specific needs.

Anyone in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. who wish to build corporate network or develop own systems; entrust STUDIO 33 to handle these businesses for you. Be assured with our top-level quality of services equivalent to service provided in Japan, you can obtain professional services with consultative advises at lower cost than in Japan. Our services are comprehensive and cover all kinds of industries such as real estate, manufacturing plants, as well as self-employed businesses.

Discuss with us now! We propose more advantages to your website.

With our know-how and expertise obtained from proven achievements and experiences in this field of services, we not only create new website for customers but also design and renew outdated content of the website as well. Japanese corporation in Thailand, Vietnam, or Indonesia who may require Multilanguage on their websites such as Thai, English, Japanese or other languages, our web design team will complete the website design and development within one or two months with Multilanguage or site-specific languages (local language) support. It is practicable to create small-scale website and to correspond quickly to web system, etc..

Review IT Division to start cost-cutting! Our outsourcing services can help up to 50% cost reduction.

Our IT service has adopted variety techniques for result of cost reduction. PC leasing contract is inclusive of maintenance cost, 24-hour helpdesk services, and dispatch of the well-educated IT specialist or technical expert to help customers solving their certain problems. However, our on-site PC repairing service is limited to area of Bangkok, Thailand only.