STUDIO 33 is a service provider for computer integration support, system development, and website creation in Bangkok, Thailand

System Development - Satisfactory high-standard system with its fundamental reliability and top-level quality.

Japanese service of high-standard system which is very reliable with superior quality is now being offered into Asia. STUDIO 33 has presently brought in the Japanese know-how of Professional System Development and ERP / SAP for business of manufacturing plants. We strongly intend to provide high-standard system on basis of Japanese services with superior reliability and top-level quality, and to be in role of creating secure environment for benefit of everyone in system development in Asia.

System Development

Java / .Net Newly developed system Database design / Business development Development of Marketing Decision Support System Software development / Operation training

PHP / JAVA system development for web branding Construction of IT infrastructure for intra office System analysis Code design

Directory design Accounting system development File server construction Active directory design / Construction of integrated application

Newly Developed Java/.Net System

Large number of newly system development in Java has been developed and performed by our engineers for many fields of industries, public works, and publications in Japan. Number of Open Group Systems representing present Web Systems by using Java application is increasing along with the proliferation of demands.

Database Development / Groupware Applications Development

The demands for the development of integrated application to include the manufacturing plants are presently increasing. Our company offers the initiation of Assembler and Cobol Mainframe based on our know-how… SQL or Oracle Database Development, Notes or SaaS (ASP) Groupware Development.

File Server Construction, Active Directory Design / Construction

Another of our company’s specialty is the capability in Group System on Windows / Server Development which is currently No. 1 in market share. To establish File Server, we will undertake the construction of Active Directory and development of server for other variety of purposes.