STUDIO 33 is a service provider for computer integration support, system development, and website creation in Bangkok, Thailand

Significance of Live Website that connects people !

With our professional services, customers are assured that all their requests for individual website, official website, e-Commerce websites (Online Shopping Site) etc.., will be responded promptly to meet the market in Southeast Asian countries, i.e., Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.. The aim is to attract customers that are essential for the operation of the website. Starting from content planning, design coding, and Flash production, we may also utilize the Content Management System (CMS) or Blog construction to enable our customers to easily update the website by oneself.
Furthermore, to “UP” the rate of customers’ attraction, the strategies will also be actively conducted to response end-users in Thailand who may suddenly require marketing consulting via Social Networking Service (SNS) such as Twitter or Facebook.

Web Services

Website creation, planning, and management Website design and consulting Renewal Shopping Site

Web system development Construction of Content Management System (CMS) Image processing and photo manipulation Logo creation and logo tracing Flash creation

Server arrangement and domain management representative Search Engine Optimization (SEO) countermeasure Facebook marketing and fan page creation

Website creation, renewal, and Website update

Website creation and website renewal is important for stability of the goal. By considering the goal, the website will be lived according to types of users with precise way of communication. To convey information accurately on the website, it will create new business opportunities.


Website without a consistency, duplicate pages with/or multiple sites, important information written with meaningless images, the site that doesn’t catch customers’ eyes, or complicated websites will never increase number of repeaters to the site. Customers may have the desire to set up a new website but may not know what should be included in the content. May want to make some updates to an outdated design or content of the website. May want further advantages toward other Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc… Such desired issues will surely be consultative advised. Our valued customers will be proposed with overview information that they want to communicate and identification of content planning for information to be transmitted to most of end-users, etc..


After listening for comprehension thoroughly such as customer needs, type of industry, types of products or services, content of business, etc., the website will be designed at best practice to meet characteristics of web visitors who locate not only in Japan but also in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.. In addition, STUDIO33 always pay attention to not only the appearance of the design but also to the creation of the website with full usability for users (visitors to the site). Each website will be designed and created individually to be most appropriate for each type of business without using any web template.

Top-rank search result on Google or Yahoo search engine with SEO countermeasure

Though the website is launched with great effort but, what if it couldn’t be found on a search engine such as Google or Yahoo? Our website creation is basically launched along with SEO countermeasure so that such unwanted situation will never happen. Furthermore, SEO countermeasure is also able to cover countries in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc..

Multilingual Website

Multilingual support on website is indispensible for communicating the information to Southeast Asian markets; the languages are certainly included Japanese and other languages like Thai, Vietnamese or Indonesian, etc..
STUDIO 33 also provides multilingual translation services.
Our professional team for languages resolution enables us to be in charge. To prevent our customers from difficulties in alignment of contents in 3 languages, from time spending to contact / request translation companies for specialized translation in specific industry when necessary, etc.. These are certainly comprised of native check.